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Cardinal Tobin will not attend Youth Synod

The Cardinal said pastoral obligations in his archdiocese meant he could not be present

Cardinal Tobin will not attend Oct. Vatican synod

The Cardinal said pastoral obligations in his archdiocese meant he could not be present

Retired Green Bay auxiliary bishop failed to report abuse, withdraws from ministry

The former Auxiliary Bishop of Green Bay said he will spend his time making reparation for what he failed to do

Two more Chilean bishops step down in wake of abuse crisis

The Pope has now accepted the resignation of seven Chilean bishops since June

Finnish Foreign Minister survives no-confidence vote over pro-life views

Opposition parties tried to force him out because of his pro-life stance

Archbishop Chaput publishes strong criticism of Youth Synod document

He published analysis by a ‘respected North American theologian’ raising concerns over the document

Pope: those exploiting foreigners for profit will pay on Judgment Day

These people should look into their own conscience ‘knowing that one day they will have to answer to God’

Dolan ‘impatient’ waiting for apostolic visitation in response to McCarrick

US bishops have asked for a Vatican investigation, but the Pope has so far not committed

Morning Catholic must-reads: 21/09/18

A daily guide to what’s happening in the Catholic Church

Apostolic visitor outlines plans to expand Medjugorje

Archbishop Hoser described the shrine as ‘Europe’s spiritual lungs’ and said more infrastructure was needed

Some cry ‘scandal’ to cover their own failings, Pope says

Hypocrites call out scandal to make themselves seem pure, the Pope said

Cardinal falls ill as blood of St Januarius liquefies

The ceremony takes place three times a year, and failure to liquefy is seen as a portent of disaster

Leaked letters: Benedict XVI rebukes criticism of resignation

The former Pope apparently wrote the letters in response to criticism from Cardinal Brandmüller


Many people in Britain struggle to find shelter. But Connor’s story shows there is hope

The St Vincent de Paul Society has helped many vulnerable people find homes

The theologian who understood the true meaning of love

Dietrich von Hildebrand wrote a passionate defence of Humanae Vitae

Increasing numbers of Catholics attend Sunday evening Mass

Many find the time more convenient – and are prepared to travel

China’s war on Christianity

Amid new rumours of a deal with the Holy See, persecution of Christians is at its highest level since the Cultural Revolution

How Padre Pio changed my life

The intervention of St Pio of Pietrelcina gave me the push I needed

Nuns don’t belong in horror movies

Screenwriters still resort to cliché when tackling the supernatural

Never again, again: Bishops promise action, but will it make a difference?

Ordinary Catholics want cultural and moral change, not bureaucracy

Episcopalis communio: three things you need to know about the Pope’s new document

Is the ‘apostolic constitution’ as big a deal as people think?

Episcopalis communio: what does the Pope’s new document mean for the Church?

The new law appears to combine the Synod’s teaching authority with that of the Roman Pontiff

How do we heal after the abuse crisis? This book has some suggestions

Fr Thomas Berg shows how there can be a way forward for victims

The Vatican’s photo blunder shows media reform is still a work in progress

Some Vatican staff shared the public’s dismay at the image – but by then it was too late

If the Church won’t hold bishops accountable, then should the courts?

Some fear that state investigations will lead to state interference