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Catholics to become largest group of churchgoers in Scotland

Researcher says that, if trends continue, more Catholics than Presbyterians will be in church on Sunday

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Be a people of light, not darkness, diocese urges Catholics after shooting spree

A lone gunman fatally shot three people close to a Catholic Charities office in Fresno, California

New statistics on premature births expose outdated abortion law, say pro-life MPs

The latest figures from the Office for National Statistics show that babies born at 23 weeks have a one in three chance of survival

Catholic deacon given job of hermit at 350-year-old cliffside retreat

Stan Vanuytrecht beat 50 applicants to win the role and occupy one of the last hermitages in central Europe

Widow of Palm Sunday martyr says she forgives ISIS attacker

In an interview on Egyptian television, she said: ‘I’m not angry at the one who did this, I am telling him, may God forgive you’

Catholics to become largest group of churchgoers in Scotland

Researcher says that, if trends continue, more Catholics than Presbyterians will be in church on Sunday

Smartphone industry is built on ‘the blood of Congolese people’, says priest

Anyone who uses modern technology benefits from bloodshed, says Congolese rector

Businessman sends free Fatima statues to parishes throughout the world

José Camara, who has paid for statues to be sent everywhere from England to Madagascar, says he has nearly depleted his life savings

Fatima seers to be declared saints on May 13

The canonisation ceremony will be held exactly 100 years since the first apparition of Our Lady of Fatima

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Why are Mexican teenagers so happy? The Catholic sense of community, says OECD chief

Gabriela Ramos said the religiosity of countries such as Mexico and Poland contributed to general levels of happiness

Almost 900 churches across the world to celebrate Mass in honour of Archbishop Fulton Sheen

Catholics in New Jersey want Archbishop Sheen’s birthday to be celebrated around the world


Francois Fillon might still be the best chance France has

A Le Pen victory would be a huge upset while more of the same is bound to fail

The Cardinal Müller Report is a must-read for Catholics weary of turbulence in the Church

The cardinal speaks with clarity and firmness. Reading his new book-length interview gave me renewed hope in the Church’s mission

The outrage at Tim Farron could have serious consequences for Christians in politics

We should all defend Tim Farron from the charges of ‘prejudice’ and ‘intolerance’

PODCAST: What next for the endangered Christians of Syria and Egypt?


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The biblical crisis that Benedict resolved

Scripture scholars had started to read the Bible as if it were simply a classic text. Benedict XVI helped to change that

Roy Hattersley: ‘The Church’s real heroes are the little people’

The former deputy Labour leader, a ‘hardened atheist’, was so intrigued by British Catholics he wrote a 600-page history of them

The political elite have undermined the family. It’s time to change course

British politics has become strangely hostile to the family. We can’t afford to let this continue

How does the Church determine a true Marian apparition?

When it comes to apparition reports the Catholic Church takes a prudent approach

A prayer book for the conversion of sinners

Susan Tassone’s latest book focuses on the prayers of St Faustina

Fatima at 100: a history of the Marian apparitions

The events of a century ago continue to fascinate believers and non-believers alike

British prime minister theresa may outside 10 Downing Street

Theresa May’s snap general election is a gamble, but a carefully considered one

It is hard to see any other result than an increased Conservative majority following the proposed election on June 8

Erdogan’s victory is bad news for Turkey’s Christian minority

Commentators suggest the referendum triumph will destroy Turkish democracy, but when was the country ever truly democratic?